Five Reasons You Should Install a Wireless Pet Fence

Dogs are trusting pets. When you have a dog, you treat it as a family member, keeping it safe from the outside world. Since your dog relies on you for almost everything, you have a great responsibility to protect it at all the times.

If you are lucky enough to have a yard where you can let your dog stretch its muscles, you will need to take extra care. You want to keep the dog inside the boundaries.

One way of keeping your dog safe and within the boundary is to cage or chain them. However, this method is terrible. It takes away freedom from your dog and destroys its physical and mental health.

The only other way of keeping your dog safe inside the yard without hurting him is to install a fence around the yard. Once you have enclosed your yard with a fence, things will be better for both, you and your dog.

When it comes to yard fence, you’ve two options. You can go for the traditional yard fence or you can get the new wireless electric fence. Although traditional dog fence works great most of the times, it would fail if your dog has learned to escape. In that case, your only option is to install a wireless electric fence.

Here are five reasons why you need a wireless electric pet fence instead of conventional fence.

(1) Your dog is an escape artist

When traditional fence fails to contain your dog, an electric fence is usually the only solution for your dog. Some dogs have an incredible sense of escaping from any containment. If that’s your dog, you definitely need an electric fence.

Such dogs, which are good at escaping a traditional boundary, are usually good at digging. They will burrow under a conventional fence. Some breeds will be able to jump over the fence while others will break through it.

The only solution to stop them escaping is to use an electric wireless fence.

(2) You have a large yard

Some of you might have a big yard for your dog. Installing a conventional fence would be costly and inconvenient. You will also need to monitor the fence for damages and breaches, which could be a problem if your yard is 100 acres or even bigger.

An electric wireless fence can usually enclose large properties. You just need to put the wireless fence collar on your dog and mark the boundaries with flags. You don’t need to install a physical fence.

(3) You don’t like yards with fences

If you’re someone who cares for the outlook of your yard, you won’t be happy installing a conventional fence. This is another typical scenario when your only option is electric wireless fence. It won’t kill the look of your yard and still keep your dog enclosed.

(4) You’re on a tight budget

If you’re on a tight budget and you have a large area to cover, electric wireless dog fence is your best way forward. These fences don’t cost a lot. For larger yards, this option will prove to be a cheaper option than traditional fence.

(5) Your yard is uniquely shaped

Sometimes, installing a traditional fence could be impossible, especially when your yard is odd-shaped or has jagged edges.

For these yards, your only option with traditional fence is to create a circular boundary inside the yard to contain your dog. However, this is usually impractical and you’re only left with one option i.e. to install an electric fence.