How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

If you are looking out for your dog’s safety then a wireless dog fence is the answer. This device will keep your dog within a certain containment area that could be your yard, a playground or even indoors.

Easy installation

The system can be easily set up since there is no need of digging and burying wires underground. Usually wireless fences are installed, set up and running in a few minutes time.

Working with radio signals

It uses a transmitter and a collar that you place around your dog’s neck. It works with the radio signals. First you set a boundary of the transmitter. If your dog wanders out of the boundary, it will give a quick electric shock to your dog.

Harmless correction signal

The electric shock is harmless. The collar sends a signal either as an aural tone or in the form of a static pulse. The intensity of this pulse is similar to that of a TV screen when you run your fingers across it.

Predetermined perimeter

The wireless dog fence is designed for a certain perimeter. It covers a limited circular range. But the signal strength is quite strong and the signals can transmit through walls and other solid surfaces.


This device is portable. Simply unplug the transmitter and carry the device wherever you go. But like other devices that work with radio signals, this device may not work in certain environments. Its working may get affected in areas where the signals are weak such as a densely wooded area or an area with large metal objects in the surroundings. You need to contact a pet care specialist to seek advice regarding the effectiveness of the wireless fence over your property.

Training your dog with this system

Dogs can be trained easily since they are fast learners. A head strong dog can be a challenge for the effectiveness of this system but usually, your dog can be trained within a week or so.

  • Correction Signals

When your dog wanders past the boundary, the transmitter signals you through a beep. If the dog moves even farther, then it will receive a harmless electric shock through the collar.

  • Seeking advice from a pet care specialist

There are some breeds of dogs that do not follow the warnings. The sound or the electric shock does not stop them from going past the boundary. Again, you need to seek advice from a pet care specialist to purchase the right kind of fence for your dog.

  • Training with flags

To train your dog with the wireless fence, you can put flags defining the boundary of the containment area. Make your dog pass the boundary again and again purposely. The repeated sound and the electric shock will help your dog to recognize the boundary. With a few trials, your dog will be trained enough not to pass the boundary.


A single transmitter can function with multiple collars. In other words, a wireless dog fence can work with as many dogs as you like. You just need to buy a separate collar for each dog.

Cost effective

A wireless dog fence is cost effective. The base unit consumes a little electricity. The batteries also last a couple of months. Rechargeable collar batteries are also available in the market.

Wide range

A large variety of these wireless fences are offered by the manufacturers. You can select any fence that best suits your needs and budget. Wireless fencing provides a reliable mechanism for keeping your dog safe.