How to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Backyard

If you own a dog, chances are that your digger friend has dug holes in your backyard. But why your dog has to do this? Probably out of boredom or for hunting. Your dog may need to seek your attention or it could be a simple instinct.

To keep your dog from ruining your yard, here are some tricks and tips.

Look for the problem

Address your dog’s behaviour and figure out the reason behind all this digging. Once you know the reason, it will be easy for you to find a solution.

Usually dogs dig for comfort, entertainment or attention seeking. Though you can’t stop it completely but you can certainly minimize it.

Look for the reason and take measures that will keep your dog’s urge of digging.

  • Give your attention

Dogs are great attention seekers. If you are not giving your dog enough attention, he’s likely to find ways to grab it. Digging is just a simple measure on the dog’s part.

If this is the case, then ignore your dog whenever he digs. Instead, reward him for other good reasons.

Also make sure you spend enough time with your dog. Take him on a walk. Play with him. Plan activities where you can spend more and more time with your dog.

Don’t try punishing as a reaction for digging. It will only worsen the problem.

  • Keep your dog busy

Boredom is another reason why your dog likes digging. Keep your dog occupied with activities so that he stays busy. A tired dog is all you need to keep it from digging.

Play with your dog. Provide safe toys. Redecorate the area with things that are eye catching and harmless for the dog. You may place rubber tyres if your dog is not habitual of chewing rubber. Spreading dry leaves or placing an iron rod for hovering will also do great.

Take your dog to a park. Let him socialize with other dogs. Like most humans, dogs also like company. They will never get bored if other dogs are around.

Safe discouragements

Keep an eye on your dog. Catch him while he’s digging. It will address your disapproval.

Remember, punishing will not do any good, so try other alternatives to show your dislike for his behaviour i.e. digging. Fence the areas where your dog digs frequently. You can also bury some rocks in the holes to keep him from digging it. Use large flat rocks. They are the hardest to remove.

You may try placing chain link fencing under the dirt. It will keep your dog from digging.

Hiding a blown balloon in the dirt can also prove effective. Cover the balloon with dirt. When your dog will try to dig the hole, this unpleasant surprise will certainly work as a repellent.

Seek professional assistance

If none is working out, then seek a professional’s help. A pro dog trainer will help you explore the actual problem and suggest an appropriate and effective solution.

Certified dog trainers can offer a great help. With their understanding of the dog behaviour and experience with the pets, they will prove to be great help.

Set up a digging spot

Some dogs have a habit of digging and they do so without any apparent reason. It seems as if they love doing this.

Instead of worrying, solve the problem by redirecting your dog’s attention. Set up a digging spot for your dog. Let him have some fun there.