How to Locate Your Missing Pet

If you have lost your pet, chances are good that you’ve already looked everywhere. You’ve walked around your neighborhood and you’ve even contacted your local animal shelter to report your missing pet.

But you have not given up the hope. You still feel that you have a good chance of recovering your pet. You hope that you will find your pet and bring him back.

To find your lost pet, first you need to figure out why your pet ran away and where he might go. Once you know this, you can take the logical steps to recover your pet. Once you succeed in recovering your pet, you should take measures so that this never happens again.

Learn why you pet ran away

Before you start panicking over the lost pet, it’s time to understand why your pet escaped and ran away. There could be numerous reasons since every pet has a different personality. However, the most common factors are listed below for your convenience.

  • Boredom and loneliness
  • To answer their sexual urges
  • Running away from something frightening them
  • Curiosity to see what’s out there
  • New pet looking to go back to previous home

Finding your lost pet

Now that you understand why your pet ran away in the first place, it’s time to start finding it.

First, you need to determine how far your pet can run. Young pets will ran far away while aged pets will stay closer to your home even whey have escaped.

If your pet is a strong outgoing dog, it can run away as far as 10 miles. In case it has gone this far away, it will be difficult for it to return. It might be tired and need food and care. That means you will have to do something to locate the pet and bring him back home.

In case your pet your phone number and address on its collar, someone will call your and tell you about your pet. But if you haven’t received a call and it has been 24 hours, you need to stop waiting for that call. Maybe your pet has already lost its collar.

Here are some of the steps you might take in order to find your pet.

  1. Look for your pet at vet clinics, hospitals and pet stores. People who find lost pets without a collar will usually take the pet to one of these places. Since you have already reported your lost pet to the animal shelter, you will receive a call when someone takes the pet there.
  2. Go around your neighborhood and ask people if anyone has brought in a new pet. Sometimes, people would find your lost pet and they will bring him home with them. But a new pet is always difficult to hide from others. So your chances of finding a lost pet that someone else has decided to pet are good.
  3. If that doesn’t help, put up big colorful signs in the neighborhood. Add a clear photo of your pet as well. Be sure to add some reward for finding your pet. People will know that the pet is important for you and they will contact you once they have any information.
  4. If you haven’t located your pet even after putting up reward notice, you should start calling animal shelters. You can also do an online search to find websites of shelters. Majority of shelters keep an online listing of lost pets. You might find your pet on one of these lists. Be sure to look for shelters in the neighboring cities as well.
  5. Contact rescue organizations if nothing else worked so far. These organizations are good at finding lost pets.