How To Make Your Conventional Fence More Secure From Your Escape Artist Dog

Today we’re going to get some tips from a great fence company in Middlesex, New Jersey, NJ Fence Pro.  They have excellent advice for shoring up your fence so that your pets are contained.

If you’re a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe. At the same time, you are also responsible for keeping others safe from your dog. As a pet owner, you will be liable for any property damage or personal injury caused by your dog.

There could be numerous possibilities of how things can go wrong if you can’t keep your dog secure inside a fence. For example, your dog may escape and hit a car and injure other dogs. To avoid these scenarios, you should understand your dog and keep it secure inside a fenced yard.

But that’s not always easy. Some dogs are natural escape artists. You wonder what to do with these pets?

Learn how to train your dog

If your dog is an escape artist, it needs more attention. You need to spend more time and provide additional care for your dog in addition to focused training. Once you have trained your dog properly, it will not try to escape.

One of the most important training for your escape artist is to train on-leash for a few weeks. You will introduce small flags in your yard and train your dog to see them as a boundary. Teach him to stay within the boundary.

The flags will serve as a visual cue for the dog during training. Spend at least 15-20 minutes twice a day with your dog. Walk him within the boundary. As soon as you and your dog reach the flags i.e. boundary, say “No” so that your dog understand that he has to go back. It might not obey in the beginning but once you train on-leash, you should see results.

With a few weeks of training, your dog will be able to see the flags as boundary. It will stay away from them even when you are letting him talk a solo walk. Remove the flags and let your dog know where the fenced boundary. Things will definitely improve with this training.

Fix your conventional fence

You should spend some time with your dog and find out how it escapes. It might dig under or choose to climb over the fence to escape. If there is some opening in the fence, your dog might find about it and use it as its escape route.

The best way to stop your dog using any of these means to escape is to fix the fence around the yard. If it’s too low, give it more height. If it has some openings, repair the fence to close them. In most cases, this should solve your problem.

Introduce electric fence

As a last resort, you may want to install an electric fence around your yard. It will be of great help especially when a dog is in habit of digging under.

Electric fences are easy to install and they don’t cost a fortune. Majority of these fences are vet-approved so they keep your dog safe while ensuring it never finds a route to escape.