How to Protect Your Garden From Your Doggy Digger

If keeping a beautiful garden and a dog together seems impossible and you are planning to call quits one of these, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read this article for useful tips and tricks so that you can keep your garden thriving and your dog happy – both living together in peace.

  • Train your dog

Training your dog is a lot easier than you think. Dogs are fast learners. They can easily learn any new pattern or behaviour once you provide proper training. There are a few exceptions but mostly you can make your dog to do what you want.

To keep your garden flourishing, train your dog first.

  • Resolving the patch problem

The most beautiful showpiece of your garden gets patched easily when you own a dog. That’s due to the overdose of nitrogen. You must be thinking what your dog has to do with the excessive nitrogen.

Well, when you keep a garden, you keep it well fertilized. It is the additional nitrogen in your dog’s urine that causes the brown patches in your garden.

But your dog has to go somewhere, doesn’t he? Train your dog to go to a specific area. You just have to monitor your dog’s calls to nature to begin the potty training. Once you have spent some time training your dog, it will remember places where it’s allowed to go reply the nature’s call.

  • Fence your garden

Fences are vital when it comes to protecting your garden. Fences will keep the dog out of the garden and your plants safe. You can create boundaries using fences so that your dog doesn’t jump in the garden to pee.

  • Gap between the fence and your garden plot

Fence your garden in a way that there is some space between the fence and your garden plot. Sometimes dogs like running along the fences. When there is a gap, your dog won’t ruin your garden even when playing with the fence.

  • Build raised beds

Build raised beds for vegetables and other garden plants. Use stones or bricks to build the beds. This way you can save your plantings from your dog.

  • Separate play area for your dog

Your dog needs some space to play. To keep your dog away from the garden, create a separate play area for your dog. Pick a shady area. Cover it with fence. Make it interesting for your dog so it will not get bored. Spread some dry leaves.

You may place some rubber tyres or an iron rod to hover over. Mix some sand with the soil. It will keep your dog from digging the whole area.

  • Considerate pathways

Consider making pathways using rock, concrete or bricks. It will help keeping your garden clean from muddy messes. You can’t ask your dog to stay away from mud.

  • Make a welcoming route for your dog

Making your dog use the right path in your yard can be difficult. You can achieve it by decorating the route with things your dog would like.

You may use pine leaves, the dogs love them. Or you may add sand piles and safe toys. Don’t forget using fence along the pathway to keep your dog away from the garden area.

These tips are quite handy as they are coming from an actual dog owner. They work almost in every situation. In case you can’t train your dog to stay away from garden even when you’re using these tips, maybe it’s time to bring in a new pet.