How to Train Your Dog on a Wireless Pet Fence

Wireless fences offer flexibility as they are portable and you can keep your dog safe wherever you go.

Training your dog

To make the most out of your wireless fence, you need to train your dog. It is an easy task but needs your attention. Follow the steps given below. It will help you train your dog effectively.

  • Installing the wireless fence

When you want to install a wireless fence, you have to start by finding an appropriate place inside your home for the transmitter. It will usually cover 100 yards or less so you will need to be sure you place it somewhere it covers your entire yard.

Once you have plugged in the transmitter, it’s time to put the collar on your dog’s neck. This should be fairly easy especially if you have already trained your dog to obey you.

The collar will let your dog roam inside the boundary but it will send a correction signal as soon as the dog crosses over.

  • Marking the boundary

Since the fence is invisible, mark the boundary of the circular containment using flags. This will save your dog from confusion and let him understand the limits.

Deactivate the fencing and place your dog on-leash. Walk him round the perimeter. Allow him to get accustomed to the new additions in your yard.

Once your dog is familiar with the additions, activate the fencing and take rounds again. Make your dog roam near the area where the beep sounds. Say ‘No’ and see if the dog obeys you and the beep. Continue this process for five to seven days.

  • Training with the beep

Now that your dog is habitual of the beep warning, let him walk or run at his own within the fixed boundary. Make sure the dog does not go past the boundary. Repeat the process daily for a week.

Lengthen the leash and for the next few days make your dog go near the perimeter. Just as your dog goes there, call him back.

To make this activity more rewarding, reward your dog every time he obeys you.

  • Training with the electric shock

During this training, the dog will be getting an electric shock in case of going beyond the boundary. At that time, make him walk around the perimeter. Let him understand the warning beep. If required, let him feel the shock.

The warning beep and the electric shock will certainly work as a repellent and with a few trials your dog will recognize the boundary.

  • Testing with the boundary

Remove a few flag markings everyday and let your dog roam within the containment area. Keep your dog leashed. See if your dog obeys the warning beeps.

Continue this practice for 2-3 weeks. Then allow your dog to wander in the containment area unleashed. By now, your dog has learnt the boundaries and the meaning of the warning beeps.

The training process can take as long as 6 weeks. But being a responsible pet owner, do not let your dog play in the containment area unleashed when you are not around.

Though the fencing is activated, still dogs learn new patterns every day. It is quite possible that your dog ignores the warnings and get past the boundary.

Wireless fencing does not work for every dog breed. We suggest you to seek advice from a pet care specialist when buying a fence for your dog.