What Is A Wireless Pet Fence?

If you think you are stuck with your pet and cannot go anywhere because hammering in fence posts on someone else’s property sound weird and impossible then wireless pet fence is the solution.

With the advancements in technology, the daily life products are evolving. Pet fences have also evolved changing the trends how pet owners manage their pets.

Why install a wireless pet fence?

A wireless pet fence is an ideal replacement for the traditional underground fence. It frees you from all the chaos of digging and burying the wiring. It is easy to install and within a few minutes time your system is set to use.

A wireless pet fence helps you determine a precise boundary for the containment area. It comes with a transmitter, removable training flags and a receiver collar. Define the boundary using these training flags. When your pet is close to the boundary area, the device alerts you using a warning beep. If your pet still goes past the boundary, it will receive a small harmless electric shock.

The usual boundary range is 20-300 feet. But the surroundings also affect the functioning of this fence. As the wireless fence works with radio signals, a densely wooded area or an area with large metal objects can affect its working.

Helping your pet with wireless fences

Pet care specialists can guide you regarding the use of wireless fence for a certain location.

You can easily train your pet with this wireless pet fence. Mostly, the pets can be trained within a week’s time by repeatedly training them with the beep and the shock.

For convenience, such fences are made portable. You can take it along wherever you go. So hanging out with your friends is not a problem anymore. You may take your pet along for a walk and there’s no need to worry about it. This invisible fence is ideal for pet owners who love travelling.

Wireless fence has high usability. It saves you from constantly monitoring your pets and keeps them safe.

Usually these are designed for dogs. But as the wireless fencing is becoming more and more popular, some manufacturers are also offering these for cats.

There is a wireless fence for every pet – Pick the right one

The manufacturers offer a large variety of wireless pet fences with multiple features and benefits. Since all pets are not same, different options are designed accordingly.

Normal wireless fences may not work on headstrong pets especially dogs like Pit Bulls and German Shepherds. So the required intensity of the electric shock emitting from the collar is different, hence, the need for different kind of collars.

The commonly found manufacturers include PetSafe, SportDog, DFPS and RadioShack.

Wireless fences are safe

Wireless pet fences ensure safety for kids, adults, other animals and the pet itself. It helps you to control the harm that can be caused by your pet. It also makes it possible for you to work near the fence area safely. In short, they offer a reliable means for your pet’s safety.